Storage & Care

We like to think that we do more than simply store your wine and spirits. We care for them, and more importantly we care for you! Whether you have one bottle or one hundred bottles your business is important to us.

Our storage vault features finely-tuned environmental controls that keep your wine stable and security systems and policies that keep your investment secure. The temperature is locked in between 55 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit with the humidity kept between 65 and 70 percent.

In addition to the physical security of our facility, we further ensure the safe-keeping of your collection by keeping a meticulous inventory and individually escorting anyone who enters the vault. Which also means you always have a Sentry Wine Vault employee on hand to help you move your bottles and cases!

All bottles and cases stored in the vault are kept on their sides keeping wine in contact with the cork to ensure proper aging of your wines. Clients storing Beer for future use/sale may wish to have cases stored up-right, and if that is the way you want it then that is the way it will be when you store with Sentry Wine Vault.

We also offer receiving, packing, and delivery services upon client request.


Inventory by Case or Bottle

We provide per-bottle and per-case inventory depending on your collection and your needs. With Sentry Wine Vault you get shelf space, not a cage or locker. This means that when you take advantage of our no-minimums policy and per-bottle inventory capabilities you’ll be able to instantly find and retrieve each and every bottle you’re looking for—without having to dig through a storage locker of awkwardly stacked bottles and cases.


Shipping & Receiving

We’re fully licensed and available to directly receive your shipments of wine and spirits. This allows you to save money by ordering in bulk as well as save time by allowing us to sign for your shipments, so that you don’t have to hang around the house all day or ship to your office. We can also package your wine for you if you’re planning to ship to a remote destination or event.

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Personal Collections

Whether you are starting a new wine collection or maintaining an existing one, Sentry Wine Vault makes it easy for you to access, manage & enjoy your priceless investment.
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Commercial Inventories

Save time and money by ordering in bulk & shipping directly to us. We’ll manage your inventory down to the individual bottle, and deliver it when & where you need it.
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Private Events & Weddings

If you’re catering or planning an event, allow us to help you manage bulk purchases or meticulously crafted collections. You find the wine & spirits, and we’ll take care of the rest!
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