Sentry Wine Vault Rocks the Boat

June 20, 2012

Oh please don’t you rock my boat, cus I don’t want my boat to be rockin…” Was Bob Marley worried about the safety of his wine collection, constantly swaying back and forth with the tides as they moved in, up and down?

Probably not, but it is something you should worry about if you own a boat, yacht or otherwise and you keep your wines on board. The constant motion is not good for your aging wines, in fact it is terrible for wines that need to sit for a while.

Aside from the constant motion of the sea there are other reasons one should move their wine collection to off-site storage including; temperature and humidity fluctuations, exposure to UV rays and strong odors.

Have you ever been to a marina or harbor and thought “Wow it really smells nice here”? Chances are unlikely.  There are a few smells that come to mind when I think of the harbor; Sea Gull Excrement, Fuel mixed with Salt Water, and Sunscreen. All smells I wouldn’t wish on the worst wine drinker let alone their wine.

Have you ever noticed how blinding the sun’s reflection can be when it beams off the water? UV light can also be very damaging to the well being of one’s wine collection. Wine should be kept in a dark place away from excessive UV light.

The weather can be as unpredictable as the sea, one day its 70 degrees and sunny the next it could be 50 degrees and rainy. If your boat happens to be well insulated these fluctuations in temperature and humidity may not affect the interior cabin conditions, but if your boat has insufficient insulation and climate controls you may be cooking your wine without even knowing it.

Store your wine with Sentry Wine Vault and have it delivered directly to your Yacht or Vessel when you are ready for it.

Sentry prides itself in the secure storage of wine and spirits in the San Diego area. Sentry offers services such as Case and Bottle Inventories, Delivery and Pick-ups and Enrollment into our Corkage Club where some of San Diego’s finest restaurants waive corkage fees exclusively for our clients.

The wine vault conditions are perfect for the aging of precious wines. The temperature ranges between 55 and 57 degrees and the humidity levels are kept around 70%. There are no windows in the vault to allow UV exposure and the air inside is circulated from within, eliminating exposure to outside odors. Our power is backed-up by a 30 kilowatt diesel powered generator, to ensure that the vault will not loose a degree even if the power goes out in San Diego.


In short, if you own a yacht or a small vessel you may want to look into “On Shore” storage of your wine and spirits, where there is little movement, fluctuation in temperature or humidity, and UV exposure.

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