Controlled Environment

Sentry Wine Vault offers stabilized storage with a climate controlled environment keeping a temperature between 55 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity between 65 and 70 Percent. Multiple temperature and humidity sensors strategically placed throughout the vault allow for accurate readings of the entire facility.

Sentry’s cooling system is powered by a custom built 18,000 BTU wine unit and the humidity is stabilized with a resistive element steam humidifier. The facility also features a Honeywell air treatment system, to administer mold prevention. All air is circulated from within the vault to ensure no outside or foreign odors enter, that could potentially cause harm to your wine.

The vault’s lighting is on a timed system to allow the least amount of UV exposure. As well, all bottles are kept in cases or in UV protecting wine bags to ensure the safety of precious investments. To ensure only minimal amounts of outside light enter the vault, there are no windows and each entrance door opens into another room not to the outside.

Security System

Our security system is equipped with motion and heat detectors, video surveillance, fire detection, and fire/burglar alarm—and all that is located inside a gated facility with coded access only. The system is closely monitored and is connected to a network allowing communication between monitoring company and the vault as well as push button Police, Fire and EMT access.

Backup Generator

Back-up power is managed by a Kohler 30 kilowatt diesel powered generator with automatic transfer switch, so if the power goes out in San Diego the vault will not lose a degree.

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Personal Collections

Whether you are starting a new wine collection or maintaining an existing one, Sentry Wine Vault makes it easy for you to access, manage & enjoy your priceless investment.
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Commercial Inventories

Save time and money by ordering in bulk & shipping directly to us. We’ll manage your inventory down to the individual bottle, and deliver it when & where you need it.
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Private Events & Weddings

If you’re catering or planning an event, allow us to help you manage bulk purchases or meticulously crafted collections. You find the wine & spirits, and we’ll take care of the rest!
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