Do you pay for a wine storage locker?

April 3, 2012

If you keep your wine collection at a wine storage facility that uses a locker system, you may be paying too much. When I say paying too much I am talking about money and the toll your body will pay with all the heavy lifting you do.

If you rent or lease a locker that can fit up to 25 cases and you keep your locker full, then you may not be paying too much money. But if your locker is only half full does your storage facility cut your rate in half? No, you are paying for space that you are not using.

Now look again at the picture above and guess which case you will want for your next function, gathering or dinner. You guessed it, the one in the back on the bottom. Now your back gets to pay too, because you get to move all of your cases out then back in again. Hopefully you get them in the way they were so you can fit 25 again someday.

If your wine collection was at Sentry Wine Vault, you would only pay for the cases that you had in storage. If you had 25 cases you would only pay for 25, if you had 1 case you would only pay for 1. No more paying for space that you are not using.

Now that your wallet is happy, Sentry does its best to make sure your back is happy too. Every case in the wine vault is barcoded and entered into a computer inventory system allowing for easy locating. So that case in the back on the bottom of your locker is never an issue. You will never have to move your cases in and out again to find that special vintage. In fact, all of the heavy lifting is done by Sentry staff, including the loading of your car.

Lets get back to that special vintage… Sentry Wine Vault offers the option to have your bottles inventoried, so you never have to guess which case that special bottle is in. Think about how long you have been collecting, can you remember each bottle and the case it is located in? Some bottles can age for years, will you remember then? If your bottles were inventoried by Sentry Wine Vault you would have access to your wine inventory at the tip of your fingers.

So now your back is happy, and your wallet is happy, hopefully you are happy too. Sentry Wine Vault prides itself in having excellent customer service, in fact they took the whining out of wine storage.

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