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Managing a Commercial Inventory

Licensed & Secure

Sentry Wine Vault provides the storage of wine and spirits by the case for commercial clients such as restaurants, wine bars and retailers and anyone who has a license to sell alcohol in San Diego. Did you know that if you are licensed to sell alcohol, your alcohol storage provider must be licensed as well? Sentry Wine Vault holds the proper ABC licensing to store wine and spirits in San Diego.

Scalable & Professional

Sentry is perfect for the big restaurant group as well as the mom and pop that is just starting out. Does your restaurant have multiple locations? Allow Sentry to manage the delivery and pick-up of wine between multiple restaurants or stores. With a barcoded inventory system cases and bottles can be tracked from the time they arrive in storage until the time they are delivered or picked-up. Has “shrinkage” become a problem with your inventory? Offsite storage of wine and spirits is one way to reduce customer and employee theft.

Our Vault or your Office?

Do you have the capital to order wines in bulk, but you just don’t have the space? Reduce clutter in your storage spaces and store fronts by sending overstock wine and spirits to offsite storage. You will find the space you needed to add that extra dining table or display case. Wine storage couldn’t be easier; have pallets of wine sent directly to Sentry where cases will be barcoded, inventoried and stored until they are delivered or picked-up.

Inventory and Order Requests

Never guess what is in storage again with Sentry’s unlimited free reports. Our reports are delivered in excel format so you can make your own notes, and include add dates for helpful reference. For clients who take advantage of our inventory services, these inventory reports include case or/and bottle descriptions. Clients can request an up-to-date inventory report by email or by giving us a call at (858) 554-1800.