Keep your wine collection in one safe place until you find your forever home.

Do you rent a home or do you move around a lot? There is no reason for your wine to have to move with you every time. Keep your wine collection in one safe place until you find your forever home. If you are no stranger to the moving process you know what goes into […]

Save your business money every month by buying wine, beer and spirits in bulk.

  It is no surprise that when you buy items in bulk you save money, so it should not be surprising when we say you can save money every month by buying your wine and spirits in bulk. Restaurants, wine bars and retailers are saving money everyday by ordering palates of wine, spirits or beer […]

FAQ’s: Have Questions about Wine Storage?

At Sentry Wine Vault we do things a little different from our competitors. It will be up to you to decide what is right for you and your wines. Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions about Wine Storage: What temperature do you store your wines? Our Vault is constantly cooled and humidified […]

Sentry Services

At Sentry Wine Vault we are proud of our customer service, in fact we took the whining out of Wine Storage. Each of our clients are equally important to us at Sentry and we do our best to prove it. A single case of wine (12 bt @ 750ml) Weighs about 40Lbs.                   Let us do the heavy lifting. […]

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Personal Collections

Whether you are starting a new wine collection or maintaining an existing one, Sentry Wine Vault makes it easy for you to access, manage & enjoy your priceless investment.
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Commercial Inventories

Save time and money by ordering in bulk & shipping directly to us. We’ll manage your inventory down to the individual bottle, and deliver it when & where you need it.
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Private Events & Weddings

If you’re catering or planning an event, allow us to help you manage bulk purchases or meticulously crafted collections. You find the wine & spirits, and we’ll take care of the rest!
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Sentry Wine Vault creates the perfect environment for your wine and spirits by controlling the temperature, humidity, and UV exposure. Our custom system features distributed sensors, a backup generator, air recirculation, and no external doors.
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We like to think that we do more than simply store your wine and spirits. We care for them, and more importantly we care for you! We also offer bottle turning, receiving, packing, and delivery services. We provide per-bottle and per-case inventory depending on your collection and your needs.
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