Why Sentry Wine Vault?

Get to know Sentry Wine Vault

Personal Wine Collections

Building a Personal Wine Collection?
Whether you are starting a new wine collection or maintaining an existing one, Sentry Wine Vault makes it easy for you to access, manage & enjoy your priceless investment.
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Commercial Inventories

Managing a Commercial Inventory?
Save time and money by ordering in bulk & shipping directly to us. We’ll manage your inventory down to the individual bottle, and deliver it when & where you need it.
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Private Events & Weddings

Planning a Private Event or Wedding?
If you’re catering or planning an event, allow us to help you manage bulk purchases or meticulously crafted collections. You find the wine & spirits, and we’ll take care of the rest!
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Controlled Environment

Temperature and Humidity Control
Sentry Wine Vault creates the perfect environment for your wine and spirits by controlling the temperature, humidity, and UV exposure. Our custom system features distributed sensors, a backup generator, air recirculation, and no external doors.
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Secure Facility

Technology & Personal Service
Our state-of-the-art security & alarm system provides an extra layer of protection in addition to our gated facility and employee escort policy. The network enabled system is closely monitored and features push-button access to Police, Fire and EMT services.
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Accessible & Convenient

Freeway Access & Delivery Service
Your wine and spirits collection is available to you 6 days a week. With same day pick-up and drop-off services, you’ll never be left waiting for your wine. Located off the 805, we manage collections and inventories from throughout San Diego County.
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Pick-up & Drop-off Services

Give us a call and we'll come pick your collection up at your location or stop by and drop-off a couple of cases if you are in the area. Store them until you're ready to pick them up or have them delivered back to you. At Sentry Wine Vault we took the whining out of wine storage.

About Sentry Wine Vault

A vision in Papa’s head is all the wine vault was just a couple of years ago. He envisioned a wine storage facility that did all the work for you. As a man with many years of experience, he wanted to create a service for collectors like him, who were no longer able to move 20 cases in and out of lockers or cars, collectors who had trouble remembering which vintage was in which storage case, and for collectors that needed that extra personal touch.

Sentry Wine Vault was Created in 2010 as a division of Sentry Storage Solutions and has been serving San Diego’s personal and commercial wine collectors ever since.